Setting Philosophy

Please take some time to read our setting philosophy

  • We believe that care and education are integral
  • We believe that children are best supported when parents and staff work in partnership
  • Our curriculum is play based because we believe that children learn best through supported play experience
  • We believe that children need to be respected in order to respect themselves and others
  • We believe that the learning environment must be planned effectively so that children are provided with rich and stimulating experiences that build upon what they already know and do
  • We will support children to use resources and the environment in a way that will develop independence, thinking skills and problem solving skills
  • We will help children form and develop positive relationships with their peers and other adults
  • In order to foster children’s positive sense of self and self esteem, we will ensure that the experiences, family background, interests, abilities and cultural heritage are positively celebrated and reflected across the nursery
  • We will work hard to be part of the local community, liaising with all local schools and accessing local amenities so that children have a sense of connection and belonging
  • We will endeavour to network with other professionals for the benefit of the setting